What Are You Looking For in a Newborn Care Specialist?
Need a Child Care Solution for Triplets or Twins?

“I am the mother of five month old triplets… Her primary responsibility was to help care for our two daughters and son. She helped with feedings, changing diapers, and general baby care. Oh, how we looked forward to the nights she helped so we could get some rest!” (J. O’Hara)
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As a Newborn Care Specialist, I have been assisting Moms and Dads since 1988, providing protective, loving care for newborn, premature twins and triplets…a family of five children…supervised groups of one hundred…and just about everything in between!

Call me at (859) 338-0118 – Newborn Sleep Help, Coverage between Nannies, Nanny’s Vacation or Illness, Overnight Emergencies, Family Vacations, Business Trips, Weekends

Whether you are looking to  hire her for a weekend, a month, overnights, weekends away, trips with the children – I can fully recommend Clelie Bourne. She will do the job and do it well.” (Mims D.)

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