Newborn Care Specialist rates are determined by a number of factors, based on the family, number of babies, and your individual needs. Please contact me for information.

Temporary Nanny Services

Since my rates are dependent upon a number of factors, I have decided to not post rates on my website.

Many factors go into determining my fees. First I determine how many hours of a typical day one or more of your children will be awake and with me in my direct care. I calculate these hours at a base rate. Next I determine how many hours they will be in school or activities supervised by others or sleeping. These hours are calculated at 50% of my base rate. Then taking into consideration any unforeseen schedule changes and weekends I adjust the figures to a daily rate, which generally come out to slightly less than the actual math involved. Daily household responsibilities such as laundry, tidying the house, running normal household errands, pets, grocery shopping, preparing meals, etc, ages of the children, supervision of homework, keeping up with communications from schools, and more all affect the daily rate.

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

There are many things to be considered when hiring a nanny. Some of these items include:

  • Area of the country
  • Time(s) desired
  • Continual basis or one-time basis
  • Number of children in family
  • and many more

I believe each family deserves the most fair and appropriate pricing and I will be more than happy to discuss rates with you in person or on the telephone.

Some things to consider though are:

  • Prior to traveling, The Temporary Nanny and each family will negotiate and sign a contract based on their specific needs and situation.
  • There are NO agency fees involved.
  • Prior to traveling, a non-refundable deposit or retainer is required to reserve requested dates.
  • Travel expenses (airfare, car rental, etc.) are paid for by the family.
  • If separate accommodations are required, the family is responsible for paying for this.


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